Earn extra money by setting up a recharging station

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Node - a physical point where our drones can recharge
If you have 10 ft of free space on your territory you could set up our drone charging station and get paid every time our drones recharge their batteries.

It's safe and easy, and works automatically, 24/7/365. You don't need to do anything as our engineers will set up and maintain the equipment as needed.

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Facts & Frequently Asked Questions
What is a node?
A node is a stopping point where drones automatically recharge their batteries. There is a compact charging station connected to electricity which enables the drones to recharge. It functions fully automatically, 24/7/365.
How big is it?
It takes about 10 ft to set up our equipment.
Why are they needed?
The more nodes there are - the longer routes can be, and the bigger area drones can cover.
How does recharge work?
Fully automatically: drones choose nodes they need while flying, connect to them, recharge, and continue on their routes.
Is it safe? Is it legal to set up a node?
Absolutely. All drones and charging stations are certified by regulatory agencies and In Air Way complies with applicable safety standards. It is legal to install and operate charging stations for drones, however, you are advised to consult with your local authorities.
How do nodes make money?
Nodes earn a fee every time drones successfully recharge their batteries. The fee is a part of the delivery tax, thus nodes earn a small amount every time a drone successfully recharges. The amount depends on the route, weight/size and type of shipment.
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