We are looking for diverse thinkers who share our passion for building the future that we want to see – and leaving the world better than we found it. If you are interested in joining our team, please see the open positions below and check back frequently as we scale for our first commercial systems.
Software developer
Under minimum supervision, execute engineering efforts and lead development activities to complete projects in the Business Development Department.

The tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Executing engineering projects effectively and efficiently to meet project timing and budget requirements
  • Create software solutions while following best software development practices and processes
  • Develop computer and mobile application solutions using high-level programming languages which satisfy business requirements
  • Supporting pilot implementations at end-user's location when required
  • Document the processes and procedures at a level that installers and users of the developed software can understand and implement
Applications Developer (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Work jointly with business units to identify automation opportunities
  • Streamline and refine business processes to RPA-enable the process. Determine the business benefits and productivity savings arising from automation
  • Review and analyze business requirements.
  • Develop, code and maintain RPA scripts and RPA platform
  • Monitor and provide operations support for the RPA platform to ensure high availability and refine the bot schedules to improve the bot throughput
  • Manage projects for minor/major RPA projects/enhancements to ensure timely delivery of the project outcomes. Anticipate potential issues that might impact the project. Track and report project status to project steering committees.
  • Monitor the product roadmap for periodic upgrades. Plan and execute periodic RPA upgrades. Assist the business in the budgetary sizing of their IT plans.
Robotics Engineer
  • Work with the robotics engineering team to identify required design changes for future versions of the IAW system.
  • Design, build and iterate the IAW system based on the identified requirements.
  • Test and analyse designs, materials, and manufacturing methods based on multi factor requirements (e.g. system performance, manufacturability and reliability)
  • Work with our suppliers to realize and improve the design.
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