Drone AR system for DJI
A picture is worth a thousand words – and the human brain can take in an incredible level of detail visually. Watch the video below to see the amazing amount of data that pilots can now see in the sky. This new system could entirely change the way pilots think about visual observers and what flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) really means. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, the system allows the pilot to see all of their telemetry data in the sky, rather than having to look down at a screen. According to the Flyby Guys, who collaborated:

In this video, you see Hannu Lesonen (Anarky Labs CEO) locate the drone on the Microsoft HoloLens to give the home point and direction. All telemetry data is in the sky. Way points and hazard detection are features that are unique to the solution, and height, distance and satellite count are visible at the glance of your eye when following the drone in the sky. The video feed is also available on the HUD.
In addition, the solution shows which direction the drone is facing. The Anarky Labs drone AR solution will support the DJI Smart Controller.

While drone AR is a concept sure to catch the public's eye, it's also a real tool to enhance 3D situational awareness for pilots – increasing safety and enabling advanced operations.
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