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What is In Air way?
We're a group of enthusiasts out to create a decentralized drone delivery service of goods that is faster, cheaper and more flexible than any conventional delivery service.
When was IN AIR WAY founded?
We started in 2019
How many employees does IN AIR WAY have?
We currently have 10 enthusiasts.
Where does IN AIR WAY have offices?
We live and work in different countries, and do not maintain any headquarters.
How much funding has IN AIR WAY received?
To date, we have not received any funding from outside.
Who are the key investors?
We have not taken any investors yet
How do you plan to scale up operations around the world?
We aren't just building a delivery service; we're building a network of public and private partners to scale an integrated supply chain ecosystem. Traditionally, transportation has been very vertically integrated. Our business model is based on partnerships that create opportunities for those who choose to participate in this technology.

Our partner ecosystem will be critical to designing our systems and introducing In Air Way technology to the world faster than we could alone. We are simultaneously working at different levels of governments around the globe and with a consortium of ecosystem partners and investors to put in place commercial agreements to make In Air Way a reality.
What is a node?
Node is a point of route, a stop in-between where drones automatically recharge their batteries. There is a compact charging station connected to electricity that enables recharging of drones. It works fully automatically, 24/7/365.
How big is it?
It takes about10 ft to set up our equipment.
Why are they needed?
The more nodes - the longer routes are, the bigger area drones can cover.
How does recharge work?
Fully automatically: when flying drones choose nodes they need, connect to them, recharge, and fly on their routes.
Is it safe? Is it legal to set up a node?
Absolutely. All drones and charging stations are certified and In Air Way complies with applicable safety standards. It is legal to install and operate charging station for drones, however, you are advised to consult about this with your local authorities.
How do nodes make money?
Nodes earn a fee every time drones successfully recharge their batteries. The fee is a part of the delivery tariff, thus nodes earn a small amount every time a drone successfully recharges. The amount depends on a route, on the weight/size and type of a shipment.
How much does a node make?
It depends on a route and type/weight/size of the shipment. The more recharges you facilitate the more your income is.
How do I monitor my earnings and get paid?
In your virtual cabinet there is detailed statistics. Once a recharge is completed, your account is credited with an amount. We send payments every month.
How long can a node work?
No limits.
Can one person run multiple nodes?
How do I setup a node?
Please submit the form above and we will contact you with further details.
Why drone delivery?
Drone delivery - the hottest and one of the most promising industries, giant companies like Amazon, Alphabet, UPS invest billions of dollars in development of technologies, hardware, software. Drone delivery will redefine future logistics and we are excited to be a part of this process.
What is your business, exactly?
In Air Way is a package delivery company. We provide transportation and logistics services using autonomous drones.
What is your business model?
We provide on-demand package delivery service using drones and network of drone recharging stations. People tap on their smartphones and have their packages automatically delivered by drones.
How long in operation?
We aren't in operation yet. At the moment we are building recharging points for drones worldwide creating routes for drones to deliver goods. We have it all in place - technologies, equipment, and people. In Air Way is a startup that uses principles of sharing economy.
How are you going to develop the company?
Please submit the form and we will send you our proposal with a detailed road map.
Can I really make money with my drone?
Yes, youк drone can deliver packages with In Air Way and earn you money.
How much can I earn?
It depends on a route, type/weight/dimensions of packages. Your earn a share of the delivery tariff, the number of flights is unlimited.
Can I send 10 drones to work? 100...?
Yes, we don't limit number of drones to use in our system.
How long in operation?
We aren't in operation yet. At the moment we are building thousands of recharging points for drones worldwide creating millions of routes for drones to deliver goods. We have it all in place - technologies, equipment, and people. In Air Way is a startup that uses principles of sharing economy.
How do I get paid?
You get paid once a month.
How do I get started?
Just submit a form below and we will get in touch with you.
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