Letter from our CEO

John The Drone
2020 is an awesome year for InAirWay, and we would like to thank you for being with us!

3 things this year has brought to us:

- Drone. It is just the best: great design, a fantastic combination of features makes it a leading solution.

- World's first delivery by drone spots by IAW. We have 15 points on the map where we start building our first routes. Franchising works just fine.

- Ideal conditions for our business. We live in a contactless era, and drones are set to become a crucial part of all our day-by-day life.

2021 will be even better! We are going to run our crowdfunding campaign and raise money, complete the development of our drone software, and LAUNCH THE FIRST 100% AUTONOMOUS DELIVERY BY DRONE IN THE WORLD!

Not Amazon. Not DHL. You and us!

I wish you amazing holidays, again, thank you for being a part of InAirWay! Thanks for a great year!

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