UPS, Henry Schein Testing Medical-Supply Drone Deliveries

UPS drone delivers CVS prescription meds
UPS is keeping the drone-delivery dream alive after announcing a partnership this week with a Fortune 500, medical-solutions distributor Henry Schein, Inc. will be testing several drone-delivery use cases with UPS Flight Forward to develop new models to transport medical supplies.
"Healthcare and life science logistics are strategic priorities for UPS, and the testing of this drone program is a testament to the value organizations are seeing in this dynamic technology," Scott Price, UPS chief strategy and transformation officer, said.

Under FAA oversight, the two companies will test final-mile delivery options for health campuses, remote communities and disaster sites where traditional ground deliveries may be less effective or timely.

"We are pleased to work with our long-time healthcare partners at UPS to advance the exciting capabilities that drones offer to shorten the time and distance between essential medical supplies and patient care," said Gerry Benjamin, Henry Schein executive vice president and chief administrative officer. "As we scale our current capabilities, we are exploring new solutions to address the unique logistics challenges in healthcare."

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Henry Schein provides healthcare products to office-based dental and medical practitioners. The new project is the latest move by UPS to position the company as the leader in drone delivery services. Last year, UPS Flight Forward partnered with drug-store chain CVS to complete the first-ever American commercial drone delivery of a prescription to a customer's home – a mission both companies say will be the first of many. UPS announced the launch of UPS Flight Forward in March after filing for FAA authorization. The FAA granted Part 135 certification in September, paving the way for the delivery service to fly further into the consumer market. UPS has since partnered with drone delivery company Matternet to ferry medical samples via drone at WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, N.C.

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